Poster Presentations

From time to time I get asked to design a poster for a project and it has always been a struggle. Be it at university, work or on any kind of conference, a poster presentation is quite helpful to get across small project ideas, but it can be just painful if it fails to support [...]


A Guerilla Guide To Bread Baking

I am a German living in London. Although this is one of the most exciting cities in the world I can’t help it. Every once in a while I get homesick. Regularly, the reason for homesickness is food. More regularly it is about bread.British bread is awful. To be fair, there a number of great [...]


AR Flashlight

Some months ago a couple of colleagues at Fraunhofer ESK Munich and me duct-taped a mobile projector together with a webcam aiming at a software solution to combine the intuitive work with physical information resources, e.g. books or papers (for research or courseworks) with the benefits of online research, e.g. effective search or cross referencing.After [...]


Mobile Assistance Systems

For the last few weeks I have been involved in a research project called ELEPHANT (backronymic for: Elements for Pervasive and Handheld Assistants) helping to design a kind of mashup-IDE to develop mobile, multimodal and context sensitive assistance applications.In a nutshell the system provides tools to stick together applications out of simple modules for any [...]



One of the first attempts on serious modelling…


Face to Face

Here are some faces I once scribbled to add a kind of personal touch to a mobile soccer game. By dynamically combining several parts (skulls, noses, eyes and mouths) to a single face, it became feasible to generate a number of distinguishable field players at little cost. The whole trick does anyones brain by generally [...]


Brooklyn’s Open Soundtrack

Boost is a location aware mobile music player that considers the position of a listener in Brooklyn and delivers tailor-made content to create a unique user experience. Moreover this player invites to explore the city and its rich musical landscape. Further Information: Experimental Platform


Automated Interior Design

The Automated Interior Designer analyses architectural models and automatically places objects within a given region, based on user defined rules. The prototype imports 3D models from Cinema 4D, furnishes them and exports the composition back into Cinema. Since a fellow student from the University of Applied Sciences Bremen and I have presented the AID indie [...]


Extreme Blue

This summer I got the chance to participate in IBM‘s Extreme Blue program and I would like to drop a few lines for people who think about doing the same thing.As a student I was very curious how it may be like in one of the busiest development and research facilities of the big blue. [...]



Terranoxa is a project where some friends and me try find a new perspective on the browser strategy game genre driven by the fascinating anytime-anywhere access of browser games. Therefore we are developing a platform for creating – on a technical base – common browser games, like they are often played in Germany redefining common [...]


Fastfood Software

A while ago Adobe announced their cross-platform Integrated Runtime environment for creating Rich Internet Applications. To me this sounds like a perfect opportunity for rapid prototyping in software development or the creation of stuff I’d like to call Fastfood Software. These are tools utilized as daily problem solver but not that important one should spend [...]


Immersive Environments

Enhancing immersion of video games is a popular research topic along many disciplines. As the question of immersive environments came up in lectures some friends and me decided to build a simple jump’n’run like game concerning the interweaving of surrounding and gameplay into the design. We came up with a little not-that-but-somehow-scary game called Fatalis [...]

Context Aware Gaming

The context aware soccer manager is basically a browser game including mobile extensions mixing real world and web experiences. Whereas the regular league takes place in the browser, training a team demands the user to perform real world actions with his mobile phone. The game was developed as a project of the University of Applied [...]


Mapping 3/3

Agenda Item #3: So here is the thing We are going to track the emotions of people while watching several movies. The basic emotions will be color coded and this information will result in a color bar which is representing the movie.Now, if you like to watch a movie you just describe how it should [...]


Mapping 2/3

Agenda Item #2: How to map X on Y (and why) Movies generally lack, as any other media does too, from classification issues. Categorizing media helps to build up feature groups or to browse it, for example. The problem of genre classification will jump right into your face if you spend some time drifting around [...]