Undercover Adjustment

Enabling a redirecting of business focus from technology specialist to service consultancy

About the Project

Reppa.net is a company website showcasing projects and services being offered to clients seeking support and improvement on their services in terms of design and technology.

My Role

Leading the UX team, I analysed the service offerings and navigation paths of potential clients through the site to implement a revised version based on a customized wordpress theme.



In 2012 the company went through a major change by redirecting its focus from technology specialist to a service design company. Following the change, I had the pleasure to redesign the reppa.net site.


Undercover Research

Naturally it would have been difficult to come up with a redesign based on qualitative feedback because clients assume you aware of the best way to present yourself. So, we started by taking the old site and restructuring the content following initial hunches. By analysing the clickpaths and heatmaps of visitors, we have been lucky enough to distill a very functional design.