I liked school. Not the whole deal in general, in parts it has been very boring. But there are a few things about this place that I start to miss and wish to incorporate back into the everyday. One of the things I miss the most are the big chalkboard walls in every room.

Chalkboards are fantastic canvases. Built to facilitate temporary and disposable pictures, they support and further thinking about any related area for teams, explorers and alike. Especially after having spent a lot of my professional time with visual thinking or the exploration of complex systems, I try to surround myself with doodles wherever there is a problem to solve, thoughts to develop, stories to tell, ideas to gather etc. Visualisations are incredibly helpful, canvasses are powerful tools. However only chalkboards seem to have an aura that is one-of-a-kind. My kind of canvas.

Recently I just bought some chalkboard paint, that is surprisingly available in almost every hardware store in the UK, a cheap mdf board, an old baroquian frame and some colourful chalk from ikea... and we are ready to go. At the top, you see the first trial... it is fantastic :-)