Many companies present themselves on the interweb. Many of them do the same stuff.

So how do you stand out?

Truth is, that you don't have to be that different to make a lasting first impression. Just show who you are and why you are good at what you do, as a business, even on a personal level. As I was helping out friends with their online presentation, we revised a couple of factors that would lead to a successful and convincing site. We stated the following as essential:

  • Be clear, no gibberish. Just state what you are actually doing.
  • Get to the point and appreciate that everybodys time is valuable.
  • Ignite interest and create trust in you and your brand.

The elevator pitch

Image the following situation: You meet somebody in an elevator. Being a potential client or not, he is asking you, what you are doing.

  • Floor 1: Tell what you do.
  • Floor 2: Give examples.
  • Floor 3: Answer one or two questions in detail.
  • Floor 4: Thanks for the ride. Give me a call.

By the time your random visitor leaves the elevator, he should be able to grasp what you are doing and how good you are. Maybe he even asks for a number.

In a similar way, we created the site that you can preview at the bottom. Once you enter the site, it briefly describes what the guys are doing. If this is not for you, you can leave right now. However, if you think you stumbled upon sth interesting you are invited to the next floor. Scroll down, there is more beyond the fold. By the time you reached the end of the page, you have a pretty good understanding, what their business is about. The next step is up to you. Now this is neither rocket science nor novelty, however we paid particular attention to integrate the points that we stated as essential above. This is what happened:

  • Clarity not only on a textual but also on a visual level. In fact, you don't need to read a single word on the final page to understand what it is about and why you should go for it. Graphics, Gridding and friends are cerebral scaffolding and ease understanding. The text explains the rest.
  • Brevity comes by throwing out everything that doesn't add value. Pyramid writing and good content flow create a unique and coherent story from top to bottom.
  • Ignition by showing professionality and personality. That is all it takes as long as it shows who you are. The boys develop software. They are quick, practical, efficient, yet elegant and that is what they show.