On a Single Page

Helping companies to argue their case and persuade target audiences through persuasive storytelling

About the Project

To persuade target audiences, my team and I advised a variety of clients on the structure of web services from content management through screen design and monitoring.

My Role

Responsible for the Information Architecture and the final Screen Design, I advised clients on the architecture and supported the development team, implementing the design specifications.



Representing one of many small projects, the cebesoft site is a great reference for casual but persuasive storytelling and the power of strict gridding.

This single page site is aiming at scrollable but instant overview of company activities.


Design with a storyline

Responsible for Information Architecture and Visual Design, I first condensed the necessary information together with the company owners to come up with a nice story line. Finally, we squeezed all the content into a strict grid and ended up with a pleasing piece of information within a couple of hours.