Play Anytime, Anywhere

Crafting a cross platform multiplayer game and connecting it between the real and the virtual world

About the Project

Fanmob is a student project to explore the potential of context aware gaming platforms to combine the real and the virtual world.

My Role

As part of the design team, I crafted and implemented the web frontend based on various research we conducted throughout the project.



The context aware soccer manager is a cross platform game mixing real world and the web. Whereas the league takes place in the browser, users train a team by performing real world actions with a mobile phone.

Screen Shot 2013-02-21 at 10.00.04 PM

A lot of fun and a prize for innovation

The idea contextual gaming and involving the players surrounding into the game mechanics resonate with many casual gamers very quickly. The game was developed as a project of the University of Applied Sciences Bremen and was rewarded with the first place at the Bernd-Artin Wessels Innovationprice in 2007.

Anytime, Anywhere

At this point in time, involving the player’s environment in the game has been quite a new feature to boost the connection between gameplay and the virtual world. The periphery of the mobile device or other real sources of information like weather or location will have a great impact on the game behaviour. You have to interact with the real world in order to successfully play the game.