Business's Little Helper

Crafting business applications to foster productivity and to remove focus from administrative hurdles.

About the Project

This project stands for a variety of business applications developed at to enhance and revise workflows within larger enterprises for companies such as Sky, BMW or Siemens.

My Role

Leading the UX team, I was responsible for feeding requirements and design specifications into the agile development process through prototypes and responsive screen designs.



Thoughtful mobile applications soak into business life at an increasing rate, helping people become more productive and leaving administrative hurdles in the dust.


From Prototype to App

The LDApp has been designed to close the gap of individual acquaintances within a large corporation. It has been great fun to close this gap through rapid iterative prototyping resulting into a final design.


Trust and Engagement

To create a culture of the adaption of mobile business applications, I not only ensured to satisfy user goals and usability expectations, but I also aimed to create a desirable experience that would pave the way to future developments.


It is in the details

While designing the LDApp, I paid a lot of attention to details such as transitions and iconography that would ensure trust and interest in the application and create a truly desirable experience.